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"Andrea supports students and families, while sustaining a positive working relationship with school staff."

Maggie Williams, M.A., M.S., School Psychologist





As an advocate, I represent the student and family in obtaining the best possible modifications, accommodations or auxiliary aids that will support the student in participating in and benefiting from all educational programs and activities.  In addition, I work with families and schools in assuring that the appropriate assessments are used to determine a student’s current level of educational performance, and that an education plan is solidly based on the needs of the student.

I am available to work with teachers and administrators in the implementation of each student's IEP and monitor periodically to assure that the accommodations and/or modifications are continuing to be effective and progress continues to be made on each goal.  If I find that changes need to be made, I will meet with the staff and discuss ways to help the student make progress.